Mini Naturals

Bite sized!

Finn is challenging in a lot of different ways – not only behavior-wise but health-wise.  As a senior dog, and as a result of having been so neglected, he only has a few teeth left.  This makes finding treats that he can eat a bit challenging.  And he loves his treats.

Since bully sticks and anything crunchy are out, I found myself trying to find a treat that not only was soft and chewy, but small so he wouldn’t choke if swallowed whole.  You can imagine, then, how stoked I was when Zukes® reached out and asked me to review some samples of their mini-naturals and other treats from their line.

I had totally forgotten about Zukes® – I used them with Dash when we did agility class years ago.  But Zukes® has added a lot of products since then, and I have to say I am now a total convert.

But who is” Zukes®”?  Well, it all began in 1995 – way before all of the pet food companies jumped on the “all natural” treat bandwagon.  Zukes™ founder Patrick Meiering was out on a hike with his dog, Zuke.  Zuke had really tuckered himself out from the hike, and Patrick noticed that when he gave Zuke a piece of his energy bar, Zuke perked right up.  It then occurred to Patrick that pets needed healthy, all natural treats, just like people do.  It inspired him to create a treat that contained natural ingredients without hash additives and preservatives.

And what are these “natural ingredients?  Well, a bag of mini-naturals contains the following:

Chicken or peanut butter or salmon or rabbit (it comes in 4 varieties).  Ground rice, ground barley, malted barley, gelatin, vegetable glycerine, tapioca, natural flavors, cherries, sunflower oil, lecithin, salt, phosphoric acid, rosemary, turmeric, sorbic acid (preservative), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), mixed tocopherols.

Okay, so Zukes® are all natural treats.  But would Finn eat them (and enjoy them)?

Zuke's Minis


I grabbed a handful of the mini-naturals (pictured above) and put them in his Nina Ottoson puzzle toy.  Finn worked the puzzle and absolutely inhaled them.  I’d say they were a hit.

What I especially like about them is that they are really low in calories – which is great for Dash. Each treat has less than 3 calories, making them perfect for the pooch with a little extra padding

But Zukes® doesn’t just stop at the mini-naturals – their other products include Hip Action™ (treats for joint and hip health), SuperFoods™ (antioxidant rich treats), Lil’ Links™ (meat combined with apples and carrots), Z Filets® ( pure beef with herbs),  Jerky Naturals™, Power Bones® (meat with energizing carbs), mini bakes™ (biscuits), Z-Bones® (natural teeth cleaning treats).  All of the Zukes® line are either wheat, corn, soy, or grain free (or some combination of that).  And all treats are made in the USA.

But now you can see how awesome these treats are yourself!  Zukes® is giving away 4 bags of Zukes mini-naturals  (one of each flavor) to one lucky Philly Dog reader!  To enter, you must “like” the Zukes® facebook page.  You can earn additional entries by liking the Philly Dog facebook page and by following both Zukes® and The Philly Dog on twitter!

Contest ends March 1st at 12 am and is open to US residents over the age of 18 only.  Read the Terms of Service for additional rules.

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