Is there a safe way to keep pests away that is truly natural and actually works? There is. I received a free Wondercide package to try out on my own dog, Imogene. Since I already use Frontline, I really didn’t anticipate a need to try it. I also didn’t think it would work. I was wrong.

wondercide on shark tankWhat is Wondercide?

Stephanie Boone, the creator of Wondercide, became interested in natural flea and tick care when her dog Luna became incredibly sick from a common flea & tick treatment.

The flea and tick treatment gave Luna pesticide poisoning. She had seizures, chronic skin issues, and even  liver and kidney failure. Several vets even recommended that she put Luna down! Fortunately, she was able to nurse Luna back to health.

The experience inspired Stephanie to learn more about pesticide formulations. She was shocked to learn about the harmful impact of traditional pesticides on human and animal health.  As a result, she developed a safe and completely natural solution to help fight flea and ticks.

Does Wondercide Really Work?

For those of you who just don’t believe that truly natural ingredients can work, here is Pets + Home Flea, Tick & Mosquito Treatment (pictured below) in action:

Wondercide bundle shark tank

How does it work? It’s all in the ingredients:

CEDAR: organic cedar oil (active), hydrated silica (inert) | CEDAR + LEMONGRASS: organic cedar oil (active), therapeutic grade lemongrass oil (active), hydrated silica (inert) | CEDAR + ROSEMARY: organic cedar oil (active), therapeutic grade rosemary oil (active), hydrated silica (inert)

Review of Wondercide

Wondercide works. This summer Imogene, who is a Pomeranian, became infested with fleas. The groomer gave her a flea dip and shaved her down and I applied Frontline. A week later she was scratching again and I found a flea crawling on her leg!

I sprayed Imogene throughly with the Wondercide Lavender Flea & Tick and rubbed it in. Within seconds fleas started crawling to the surface of her top coat. It was unreal. A second later, they were dead!

While I still plan on using preventative flea and tick care (I’m just not ready to go 100% chemical free), I highly recommend you purchase Wondercide if you’re looking for natural flea and tick care. Not only does Wondercide work, it has a really pleasant cedar smell. I’m happy to say that the fleas are staying away. I definitely encourage you to try it out!

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