My dad drives me absolutely bonkers sometimes.  Whenever I purchase dry dog food, he never remembers to close the bag or seal it shut.  Without fail, every time I go home and feed Dash I find the bag partly opened.  When dry dog food isn’t stored correctly, it can turn rancid and go bad, wasting the entire bag.  Besides that – doesn’t he worry about attracting ants and roaches???

I recently came across a solution that is easy enough for even my absent-minded father to use – Gamma² Vittles Vault containers.  Gamma² Vittles Vault containers use fitted gaskets to create an airtight closure that maintains the flavor and freshness of dry pet food.  The company offers a full line of airtight containers that help pet owners save money by preventing spoilage and keeping pets happy about consistently eating fresh food!

“Premium dog foods, especially natural and organic brands that contain no preservatives, can go bad in a surprisingly short amount of time if they are stored improperly after opening,” says Curt Leland, president of Gamma²,“Our airtight containers maintain all that goodness while keeping pests out. We offer three different lines that cover a wide range of price points and needs, but they all have one thing in common – an airtight, gasket sealed lid.”

Designed with storage efficient shapes, including stackable front opening containers, Vittles Vaults are easy to use and store.  Sitting at the top of the line up is the Prime group of heavy duty Vittles Vaults. Whether you have to store 8 lbs. or 80 lbs. of dry food, the Prime group consists of 14 different rigid containers. Manufactured using heavy-duty food grade plastic, these containers feature a spin on/off lid with a lock-down double gasket that ensures an absolutely airtight seal.

Another option is the medium duty Choice Vittles Vault group. This group features six different containers using the same double gasket spin on/off lids to provide the ultimate in airtight pest proof dry food storage. Designed for use in unique storage spaces, the Choice group also includes two SoftStore containers. Using an airtight, non-porous, soft fabric construction they can conform themselves to many unusual storage spaces.

Rounding out the line-up is the new Select light duty group of Vittles Vault containers. These containers are constructed with a locking latch lid with a gasket seal that provides an airtight closure. The Select group is comprised of seven different containers with dry food capacities ranging from 4 lbs. to 60 lbs. The 50 lbs. and 60 lbs. containers are designed with wheels that make it easy to move in and out of storage.

“Money is tight and all of these containers are a great way to make sure that none is going to waste on spoiled pet food,” added Leland. “They also provide another bonus by allowing pet owners to save money by purchasing dry food in larger cost saving quantities without having to worry that the food might spoil before it can be finished. And let’s not forget how grateful our pets will be when their food consistently tastes fresh and flavorful.”

Prime Vittles Vault

I was very impressed by the Vittles Vault Prime container  (pictured above) – it easily held a bag of Dash’s dry food with room to spare.  It neatly fit into the kitchen cupboard and has an easy twist-off top that securely locks.  Now my father won’t cause Dash’s food to go stale, which will save me money in the end.

But you can see for yourself!  Enter to win a medium sized Vittles Vault dry pet food container just by leaving a comment below telling me why you want to win by January 19th,  2012 at noon!  One winner will be randomly selected using  Good luck everyone!


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