August 26th is National Dog Day and we’re celebrating all of the pets. has a soft spot, though, for senior pets and pets who have special needs. We love this video by because it shows the world that EVERY PET COUNTS – no matter their differences!

Looking for your next pet family member? Adopt, don’t shop! On September 5, 2017,  Citizen For a No-Kill Philadelphia is hosting With Love: Super Adoption Day. Super Adoption Day brings together dozens of amazing Philadelphia-area animal rescues and vendors for Philly’s longest-running pet adoption festival. Located at the Schmidt’s Commons (1001 N. 2nd Street), this event is family friendly, dog friendly, and free!

“To the Pets” Lyrics

Rollin’ down the street in my Walkin’ Wheels,
All the ladies runnin’ up, (yeah) coppin’ some feels
My owner gets cocky and thinks they’re eyeing him
’Til the girl in the red told him to hit the gym

I can ride in the dirt, ride in the grass,
Ride with the dogs just getting’ some ———— Cash
I can do what I want, just like any dog
By my best friend’s side while he takes his jog

~ TO THE PETS! (Yup) TO THE PETS! (Who?)
~ To the aging, injured, and disabled pets
~ TO THE PETS! (Yeah) TO THE PETS! (Yup)
~ To the pets who beat all odds, and deserve the best

Feelin’ cool in my souped up ride,
A new leash on life, now watch me stride
If I said I didn’t like it, you would think I lied
Now I walk ‘n run with all odds defied

Watch out when I’m near or when I’m in my groove
Cuz if you get too close, I might pee on you
Don’t take it personal, it just comes with age
Cuz I’m feelin’ so free, no more dark days

~ TO THE PETS! (Yup) TO THE PETS! (Who?)
~ To happy, healthy pets, they deserve the best
~ TO THE PETS! (Yeah) TO THE PETS! (Yup)
~ We get to see another day and feel so blessed

To The Pets
To The Pets

Video created by the staff at celebrating all pets and National Dog Day.