Have a dog who could use a little more training?  Who doesn’t?  I tell my clients all of the time that training is more than just a 6-week course, it’s for the life of your dog.  So if it’s been a while since you’ve done any training with your pup, these are the signs that maybe it’s time to get back in the swing of things!

5.  Your dog is sooooo good at home, but gets very distracted outside or at social settings!  This is one of the most common complaints that I get from training clients.  Most peoples’ dogs are great in their own spaces, where the distractions are minimal and predictable.  But a well behaved dog is one who can keep their cool in public places.  So, if you haven’t trained for distractions yet, it’s time to start!  Obedience classes are great for this because you are in a room with other people and dogs at the same level as you are.  It may take a few sessions for your pup to calm down and concentrate. . . but when they do, you will reap the benefits of a dog who is well trained, even in a distracting setting.

Need work on solid ‘off-leash’ behavior?  Try Recall Bootcamp!

4.  The dog park scene has become a little overwhelming for your dog, but you still want to do some safe socialization.  If you read my last blog about dog park socialization, you know that I think that they can be great for some dogs, but not all.  So what if you want to socialize your dog with other dogs in a controlled setting?  Then group classes might be for you!  It’s a great way to make some new, appropriate dog friends for your pup (and maybe even a friend for you)!  The same applies to dogs who are nervous around strangers.  Group classes are a great way to get your dog in a room with some unfamiliar faces in a controlled setting.

3. Your training routine has become stale and it’s time to shake things up a little bit!  Always train at the same place?  Work on the same exercises?  Then jump into a group class!  A good instructor can challenge you with new and exciting exercises to push your pup with!

2. You’re working towards a goal, but need some fresh advice to get you through a plateau.  Just like you can plateau when you are working out, you and your dog can hit plateaus in your training!  And just like at the gym, it is important that you push yourself through these training plateaus.  Whether that means taking a private lesson with an instructor who can offer you some fresh advice, or taking a group class that will make you work a little harder!

1.  It’s time to get your dog a new hobby!  Gone are the days of boring basic obedience training.  If you are looking for something fun and tiring for your dog to do, try one of the many new sports being offered around the city.  Rally Obedience, Therapy Dog Volunteering, Agility, Tre-Ball, Flyball, Canine Freestyle, and Clicker training can seriously spice up your training life.  And when your dog is having fun with training, they are exercising both their brains and their bodies.  You know what that means?  A tired dog!  And who doesn’t love a tired dog?

Find out which class is right for you!

Interested in taking a group class or finding out how or where you can get started with your dog in these activities?  Contact Nicole at Nicole@phillyunleashed.com and she’ll get you on the right track!