One thing that did make a slight different in Dash’s anxiety and separation anxiety was kicking him out of my bed at night.  Trust me, it was/is hard not to have him sleep next to me.  But I found that he was actually a little less clingly when I forced him to sleep in his own bed.  When he is at my parents he actually puts himself to bed!

I am, however, embarrassed to admit that I spent $65 on his bed.  For shame.  If I had known about Bedtime Tails – a company which specializes in affordable handmade pet beds and accessories – I would have bought from them!  They will be at the Super Pet Expo  this weekend, February 25th – 27th selling their wares, so be sure to check them out.  Don’t make the same foolish mistake I made!!!

I had the opportunity to ask one of the owners, Linda Beilstein, a few questions about the company:

The Tent Bed

What was the inspiration behind your business?

When we (Linda and Tiffany) first started the business, we had 16 dogs in the family. Linda (mother) had 7, Tiffany (daughter) had 5, and Bryan (son) had 4. The numbers have changed a bit since then, but the family still has 13 dogs. With that many dogs, we were going through beds non-stop and could never find a bed that fit our needs. They all had some design defect that left us with smelly middles, or zippers that the dogs chewed, or cedar chips that irritated the dogs’ skin, etc. So, we decided to make our own. The business was also a great way for mother and daughter to spend time together. We’re best friends and have many of the same interests, so it was a natural fit for us to also have a business together to share our love of animals.

What type of work were you doing before it was created? Actually, we still work full time in addition to the business. Tiffany works full time for NASA as an HR Specialist and Linda is the VP of Contracts and Procurement for SGT, Inc.

What makes your products different than the others on the market?  We believe that pets are family and should be treated as such. That means they deserve to be happy, healthy, and comfortable and we should accept their individual personalities, likes and dislikes. So, we’ve designed our product line to match our beliefs. All of our beds are made from fleece and filled with a commercial grade of fiberfill. That makes our entire bed line machine wash/dry, even the stuffing. The entire bed goes in the washer and dryer. There are no smelly, dirty inner cores that don’t get cleaned. We also have multiple styles of beds to fit every personality. We have donut beds for dogs that like to sleep curled up. We designed a tent bed for dogs that like to sleep under the covers. And we have puff beds for fur-babies that like a bit more room. Our fleece coats are made with a double layer of fabric and designed without arm holes for easy wear. Each coat also has a buttonhole to allow for easy attaching of a harness to a leash. For pets with wee-wee issues, we have belly bands, diapers, and washable potty pads. This allows dogs to remain a part of the family without owners being overly stressed about messes in the house. For smaller pets that like to be held close and/or not be left behind when mom or dad goes out, we have pouches that mom or dad can wear. This allows them to hold and carry pets while leaving their arms free.

Do you have any dogs of your own, if so, what are their names?  Tiffany has 4 dogs – Tanner, Ellie (the dog on our logo), Rosie, and Kelsey Linda has 6 dogs – Percy, Tiffany, Nicky, Levi, Frankie, and Woolie.

Do you donate any of your profits to rescues, if so which ones?  We don’t have a set amount that goes to a rescue, but we do support Best Friends Animal Society (a very large no-kill animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah) and other local shelters and rescues through monetary donations and product donations for raffles or use at the shelter. We’ve supported Best Friends, Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Rescue,, Humane Society of Charles County, Baltimore County Humane Society, Henrico County Humane Society, and many more.

Well, you certainly can’t say that Bedtime Tails doesn’t know dogs!  Make sure you stop by their booth this weekend at the Super Pet Expo.  I know I plan on buying Dash a belly band – since he’s put on weight he no longer fits into the ones I made him!

And don’t forget that Philly Dog readers get a 30% discount off of tickets when you buy online at – just enter code PDOG11 at checkout!  Hope to see you there!