While The Philly Dog IS about celebrating the city of doggie love, we also love our companion kitty friends.  Dash especially LOVES the kitties, sometimes almost a little too much.  You can help show YOUR love of cats by coming to the With Love Super Adoption Day on May 22 at the Piazza at Schmidts.  City Kitties, a Philadelphia no-kill rescue for cats will be there!  City Kitties was founded in 2005 by Louisa Alexander and Lori Horwedel. Determined to be a part of the solution, Lou and Lori linked up with some amazing volunteer foster homes, found a rescue-friendly veterinarian, and with the help of volunteer attorney Lori Odessa, filed for federal 501(c)3 non-profit status in 2007.  Since then, City Kitties has grown to a collective of volunteers with a common goal: prevent suffering among helpless stray cats and kittens, and find loving homes for as many as possible.

So how is City Kitties different?  They are cat rescue specifically dedicated to saving and improving the lives of stray cats in the West Philadelphia area.  City Kitties rescues strays from the streets, gives them proper veterinary care and a loving foster home, and adopts them out to happy new families.  They are a “no-kill” rescue, meaning that they won’t euthanize an adoptable or treatable cat.  Their foster kitties receive high-quality veterinary care  and they don’t turn away a homeless cat that has an illness/injury.  They also help assist with TNR (trap, neuter, return) of feral (wild) cats in the West Philadelphia area.

More recently, they took an active stance in helping people recover from the devastating Windermere Apartment complex fire that left more than 100 people homeless.  Many of the residents had pets, including many cats.  City Kitties stepped up and helped Windermere residents with surviving cats by purchasing supplies, reimbursing expenses, and helping out with veterinarian/boarding costs.  You can donate to their emergency fund to help keep this kind of outreach available by going to the City Kitties Donation Page.  Your donation is tax-deductible and nearly 100% goes towards the care of fostering the animals.

Interested in being a foster parent?  Read their list of requirements and fill out their application form.  Or stop by their table at Super Adoption Day on May 22nd!