The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

I am always skeptical about reading books written for animal lovers. I am worried they are going to make me face animal  negligence, abuse, and death. Since Eddie is a shelter dog, this hits a little to close. Despite this I decided to read a recently released book, The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs, written by veterinary surgeon, Dr. Nick Trout. It is a fictional account of a veterinarian Dr. Cyrus Mills,  who returns to his childhood home to clean up his estranged father’s small town practice.

The first few pages made me ask so many questions that I couldn’t put it down. We are introduced to Freida, a exuberant golden retriever who is brought in by a mysterious man asking to have her put down, even though her examination proves she is healthy and normal. Upon closer inspection, Dr. Mills notices her nails are painted, something else that doesn’t quite add up . Though he agress to euthanize Frieda, he chooses to wait until the next day. Later, we find out that Dr. Cobb, who is the deceased previous owner of the practice and Cyrus’s father, had been too generous with his patients and had ended up in serious debt. His son has returned to clean up this mess, escape his own problems, and get out of town fast. Fate has other plans.

I am disappointed I don’t live near Dr. Trout and his practice. He clearly understands dog people and probably is one himself. I imagine Dr. Trout is a truly amazing vet that treats his patients (and their parents) with the care, attention and empathy. If Eddie ever needs surgery, I will be making an appointment with Dr. Trout and driving up to Boston!  Dr. Trout has written a few other stories that I look forward to checking out!

For around $11 on (even less for your E-reader),  this fast and easy read is overall an endearing feel good story. I think you will find a character in the book that reminds you of a person or animal you know.You won’t be able to put it down! received a free copy of The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs for this review.