Did you know that June 23 is Take Your Dog to Work Day? Whether your work place is pet friendly all year round or just for the day, here are a few tips from PetPlan to keep in mind:

Keep trash cans out of reach.

Pets have a penchant for digging in garbage and eating what they find there (whether it’s food or not!). GI upset is the most common insurance claim at Petplan — and not cheap to treat! To prevent tummy troubles, workers should be sure to keep cans covered. Or better yet: do away with individual trash cans for the day. Average cost to treat (GI upset): $850*

Check for foreign objects on the floor.

Pens, pen caps, pushpins and other office staples (like staples!) are commonly found on floors, and can become serious and expensive hazards if they get stuck in a pet’s digestive tract (and don’t forget wires and cables that can give pets a shocking experience!). Make sure the cleaning crew does a thorough sweep the night before — or at least have employees sniff around for any stray items before pets arrive, and tuck wires safely away to avoid temptation. Average cost to treat (foreign body ingestion): $1,700*

Clear the work space and aisle.

Rolling office chairs can be a wheel danger; tail injuries are a common concern. So much movement is like an obstacle course for pets trying to catch a catnap — and injuries can steamroll a pet parent’s budget. While getting rid of chairs may not be possible, employees should be extra careful and always check under desks before sitting down. Average cost to treat (tail injury): $700*

Watch for crumbs.

Break room staples like coffee and leftover birthday cake, and snack options like certain types of nuts or granola with raisins are all poisonous to pets. Dispose of or safely secure all food items (or eat them!) before little scavengers come calling. Average cost to treat (food poisoning): $850*

Make sure rules are in place.

No matter how friendly the pet, a new environment can create stress. It’s a good idea for HR to keep everyone on a short leash by sending a memo in advance detailing dog and cat etiquette — and establishing a zero tolerance policy for aggression. Average cost to treat (bite wound): $800*

*Based on 2016 Petplan claims data.