Eddie loves to lick. He licks to soothe his itchy feet in the spring and fall. He licks his dog friend’s mouths when they play. He tries to greet every person he meets with a lick (or two) on the face. I’ve heard this is a pit bull trait and expresses submission. Really, I think it’s super cute that he will kiss on command.


Orapup brush

This past week we tried Orapup – a tongue cleaner for dogs developed by the makers of Orabrush (for people). Dr. Bob Wagstaff created the original Orabrush and was inspired to create a similar tool for dogs. I had an opportunity to speak with Orabrush CEO, Jeff Davis, about the new product. The brush helps to wipe away bacteria and delivers “Lickies” (an FDA-approved, USA made, all-natural enzyamatic cleaner) to reduce tartar and prevent gum disease. So far, Lickies only come in one flavor but Jeff assured me that new ones are in the works.

I liked it because it’s an easy way to help keep your dog’s mouth healthy. You apply the Lickies to the brush and let your dog lick away. Eddie liked it because he loves to lick and it tasted great! He shared his Orapup (after a thorough disinfecting in the dishwasher) with his friends. They all enjoyed it!

Right now Orapup and Lickies are only available online at www.orapup.com and cost about $20 plus shipping. Jeff also mentioned that they are currently working to give back to local rescue organization. I personally love companies that support rescue!

Orabrush sent me an Orapup free of charge for this review. I definitely recommend Orapup to anyone who is interested in their dog’s dental health. I will be purchasing more Lickies when we run out!