When I first started ThePhillyDog.com, I was working at a local Philly pet boutique (The Chic Petique) and learning everything I needed to know about natural dog food and pet care. It was at The Chic that I saw my first bag of Solid Gold dog food and decided Dash needed to try it out. I was so impressed by it that I had to write about Solid Gold Wee Bits. I thought to myself, more pet owners need to know about this line of pet food!

The Solid Gold Line

And so began a bit of a love affair with the Solid Gold line of natural pet foods. While my cats have stayed tried and true to the Solid Gold Katz -N- Flocken® line, Dash has tested lots of different brands and foods (from homemade to canned to raw). With the newest addition to The Philly Dog family (Imogene), I’ve been a bit undecided about which food direction I wanted to take. Recently, Solid Gold reached out to me and asked whether I would be willing to put Imogene on a 30-day “taste test” of their Howling at the Stars™ canned food line and their Lil’ Boss™  dry recipe. Disclosure: In exchange for writing an honest review and hosting a giveaway, I received three (3) months worth of pet food for my time and effort. Please note this post contains Amazon affiliate links.

While I first wrote about Wee Bits™ back in 2009, Solid Gold has actually been around since 1974! Truly innovative at a time when we were feeding our dog cans of Alpo mixed with bacon fat (I swear. Really). It was one Sissy Harrington McGill who was inspired by the overall quality of health in pets in Europe, which led her to create Solid Gold. Now that “natural” is all the rave in the pet industry, it really does amaze me that Solid Gold has been around my entire lifetime.

solid_gold_lil_bossThe Solid Gold taste test…would she eat?

Imogene received a case of Howling at the Stars™ Turkey, Ocean Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe (retails approx.  $35) and two 4 lb. bags of Lil’ Boss™ Turkey and Hearty Vegetable Recipe (pictured left, approx. retail value of $19.99 each). While the Howling at the Stars is formulated for dogs of any size and at any life stage, the Lil’ Boss is a dry food for small breed dogs (also of any age).

While the packaging has had a recent refresh, I was glad to see that the quality was still as good as always. The food is grain and gluten free, with no added corn, soy, artificial preservatives, flavors or sugar added. Which means it’s the kind of food I want my dog to eat.


I warned the Solid Gold representative that Imogene is…well…picky. Like, the pickiest dog in Philadelphia. During her entire month in foster care and our first month together, she refused to eat anything but Pedigree (blech). She turned her nose up at Merrick, Nature’s Variety, Go Now!, Natural Balance, Evangers – and that’s just a few of the brands I tried. I spent a lot of money trying to get her to eat a better quality food.

I was also a little hesitant about agreeing to review the dry kibble. She also only has 5 teeth and I was concerned she wouldn’t eat it. But, as you can see from the image to the left, it was perfect size for a small breed dog. Even one who only has 5 teeth.

So…Did she eat the food? Oh. Yes. She ate.

I get this same little dance from her every day at breakfast and dinner. What a relief! She inhales it. I’msolid_gold_howling_at_the_stars actually thinking of purchasing one of those slow feeder bowls to get her to slow down. When I first started feeding her, I was giving her the canned for breakfast and only the dry kibble at night. However, after about 3 weeks, she started picking at the dry. I noticed that despite the happy dance, she wasn’t gobbling it up right away. She would look at her dish, then look at me. So then I started mixing the dry with the wet – and she went back to gobbling it right up. Little bugger. She just prefers the canned! Apparently, she has me trained very well.

The only thing that bugged me? I had to open the cans with a can opener. No pull tabs. Maybe that’s just the ones I got. I’m incredibly lazy.

You can purchase Solid Gold at several online retailers and various brick and mortar stores, or online at Amazon.com.

Enter to win a Solid Gold prize!

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