This weekend, Dash found paradise.  And it came in the form of a bag of treats.  The dog supply site sent ThePhillyDog two packages of treats to test out and review.  Dash didn’t know what hit him.  Pure heaven.

dash looks at box

Dash Reviews SitStay Begger Chew Sampler & The 144

The Brown Beggar Chew Sample immediately caught Dash’s attention – I could actually smell the treats through the deli-style wrapped brown paper package (treats are in a plastic bag).  So you can just imagine how crazy his little nose was going!  As you can see from the image below, I received a mixture of about 15-20 different types of treats (made in the USA – bones, chews, patties, jerkies, pig ears, curly-Qs and more!).  But what I loved about it was that every treat was perfectly sized for Dash – even the tracheas!  Dash loves tracheas but always has a harder time eating them because of they are usually much larger.

sitstay beggers chews sample

The Brown Begger Chew Samplers are available on and come in three sizes to accommodate your dog’s size – so each treat is the appropriate size for your dog to enjoy. Depending on the size selected, each sample will range from 2-2 1/2 pounds and retails between about $10 to $16.  Not too shabby – especially considering these are high-quality treats.  And,  the selection varies from time to time, so your dog will be pleasantly surprised with each Sampler.

But what was even more amazing was The 144.  We’re talking serious treat time.  The 144 is, actually, a three foot length stick made out of beef jerky.  You read correctly.  Three.  Feet. Of.  Jerky.   Astrid couldn’t even begin to test it out – so I brought it into work for my co-workers with larger sized dogs (who devoured them).  The 144 retails at $15.99 and you get four of the treats.  Definitely not for the faint-hearted dog.  This is for the serious treat connoisseur.

Just who is SitStay, anyway?


So, who exactly is this “Sit-Stay” company, anyway?  With all of the treat boxes and pet product distributors out there, they can start to blend together.  Based in Nebraska, SitStay was formed in 1996.  While they do carry the typical pet treats and supplies that you’ll find in many stores, they also carry a lot of treats that I’ve never seen before (like The 144 and the Chew Sampler).  Throughout the site you’ll also find an earth-friendly, all-natural flavor theme.

Dash and Astrid really enjoyed their treats – it’s been two weeks since the packaged arrived and I still have plenty left for them to enjoy.  But your dog doesn’t have to miss out on the action – we’ve teamed up with SitStay to giveaway a package of the Brown Beggars Chew Sample and The 144 for your dog – just enter through the Rafflecopter form below by October 7th!

sitstay brown begger sample

This post is sponsored by I have been compensated to share my thoughts on the Brown Beggers treats, but the opinions expressed on are my own.  ThePhillyDog only shares information that we feel is relevant to our readers.

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