I received a Paw Trax, which is an indoor potty training system from Richell, USA for a product review.  Now, my mother usually uses the pee pads that she finds at the dollar store.  One time I splurged on the ones that PetCo makes.  She felt that the dollar store pads actually held up better.  So I was interested to try the Paw Trax.  What makes Paw Trax unique is that when the pad is installed, the edges point up in a groove making a 1/2 inch rim of plastic all the way around the border. This is supposed to make for very easy clean up when the pad is full and there is no leakage under the pad to the tray.  The trax holder was 25.2 X 18.9 X 1.6 and the wee pads easily clipped into the holder.

The test was whether Dash would still go on it since it wasn’t directly on the floor or whether I’d end up having to clean up pee.  Fortunately, he went on the Paw Trax and used the pee pad.  It did make for incredibly simple clean up.  The pee pads were super-absorbant and I actually got two uses out of it before having to replace it, making them more economical.  We’ll be switching over to the Paw Trax.  It looks like you can use other pee pads, too, although you might want to check the measurements to make sure that the pads would fit before you buy them.  Or, you can buy pee pads that are specifically designed for Paw Trax.

The Paw Trax generally retails for $39.75 and you can find them online at www.fetchdog.com.