There are so many ways that you can do your part for our environment and raise a green dog.  Here are just a few tips:

1.  Buy organic shampoos and cleansers for your dog.  Try earthbath products!

2.  Buy your dog food/treats in bulk.  That way you’ll make fewer trips to the store and there will be less packaging.

3.  Recycle, recylce, recycle.  If you buy treats, recycle the cardboard box.

4.  Better yet, make your own treats out of organic ingredients and store them in reusable containers.

5.  Use biodegradable poop bags.  A lot of poop means a lot of plastic bags.  Stay tuned for a post later in the week about how to pick from all of the available biodegradable bags.

6.  Even better – try composting your dog’s waste.

7.  Repair toys instead of buying new ones.  It’s easy – replaceable speakers can be found in big box toy stores and online at  Just open the seam, put a replacement speaker, sew back up and you have a like-new toy.

8.  Check out Molly Mutt’s dog duvets and Big Boned Dog’s duvet beds.  Both are available in different sizes.  You just stuff the duvet with old clothes and blankets to make it fluffy.  When the bed gets dirty, you can just empty it and toss the duvet in the wash!

9.  Use pet can covers for your opened canned food instead of using alumninum.  Or use one piece of aluminum and just keep reusing it.

10.  Try to purchase toys and other dog related products from eco-friendly companies that make toys out of recyclable material.  Ones to check out:,, and

Dash & Lucy on a Molly Mutt Duvet Bed