On May 16th 2013, a dog walker for The Monster Minders, Tom McMillian, was involved in a near-fatal bike accident. While riding in Center City Philadelphia, a truck struck and ran over him.

His pelvis was instantly crushed and he was rushed to the hospital. He is currently in stable, but critical condition and remains under sedation. He has a long road ahead of more surgeries and rehab.

At a loss for how they could help in the short term, the team at The Monster Minders came up with a creative way to cheer and inspire Tom on his road to recovery – and handed it over to the dogs.  They are currently compiling photos, like the one below of Myles, to let him know that the entire city is behind him in the weeks and months ahead.  Photos are being displayed on a site they created just for Tom called Woofs For Tom.

You may not know Tom, but chances are you have a dog walker and pet sitter who you and your pets depend on and love.  And, even if you don’t, you are a still a fellow dog lover and Philly native!  So, let’s show Tom just how much love and support Philly pet lovers have to give.   Please take a photo of your dog or cat sending get-well wishes to help cheer up Tom when he awakens and to let him know that we’re all behind him.  Think how amazing it will be for him when he sees all of the city, furry citizens and non-furry citizens, rallying behind him!

To share your get-well picture with Tom, send a photo to woofsfortom@gmail.com.

Myles Says Get Better!

Myles says Get Better, Tom!