For any dog lover, Thanksgiving and The National Dog Show, Presented by Purina, go hand in hand. Having it in the Philly area is simply proof that we truly are the City of Doggie Love. Did you know that The National Dog Show is one of only three shows in the United States that is “benched?” This means that almost 2,000 dogs (from over 200 breeds) are in one spot for judging. We’re happy to once again giving away two tickets for you to check out over 200 breeds plus agility dogs, search and rescue dogs, diving dogs in daytime competition and demonstrations. HOsted at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, these tickets are good for either Saturday or Sunday attendance. Just enter to win through the Rafflecopter below. On your phone? Enter here:

Fun facts about The National Dog Show

Each of the more than 190 AKC registered breeds and varieties are assigned to one of seven groups that best represent the original characteristics and functions of the breeds. The “First In Group” from among each of these seven groups competes against each other for “Best In Show.” The seven groups are the Terrier, Toy, Sporting, Working, Hound, Non-Sporting, and Herding Group. Only the AKC can approve a new breed to be represented. While there aren’t any new breeds sanctioned for 2017, one new breed is approved for the Miscellaneous Group for 2018 – Nederlandse Kooikerhondje. You’ll be able to see the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje at this year’s event!