It’s Week #2 of Pet360’s #SummerOfPets and the theme is “All American Furry Fun.”  This week the topic of conversation is around the phrase “Made in the USA.”  What exactly does “Made in the USA” mean, anyway?  When a brand says that their treats are “Made in the USA,” does that mean that event the meat source is in America?  Or just that the product is actually put together on American soil?  Join in on the conversation about deciphering all natural dog treats and food in the Pet 360 Natural Pet Group conversation titled “‘Made in the USA’ products.” 

Why I Buy “Made in the USA”

Years ago, I learned a tough lesson about pet food when I had to euthanize my cat, Sophie, who had eaten melamine-tainted Iams canned cat food.  She was a victim of that huge recall where many pet food brands had to pull products off the shelves because of the melamine poisoning.  It was really the first time I ever gave a thought about what I was feeding my pets or where it was made (Iams, like many other brands, was being produced in China).  Today just about every pet owner knows how dangerous chicken jerky treats that are manufactured in China can be.  A recent Pet360 poll reveled that over 86% of pet parents prefer to buy products that are “Made in the USA.”  I’m not the least bit surprised.

As a result of my experience, I now only buy products that are Made in the U.S.A. or in Canada.  Sure, any brand can get hit by a recall, no matter where it is produced.  But at least we do have some FDA oversight for our pet food.  Always read the product labels – the bag may advertise that it’s Made in the U.S.A., but the meat may come from somewhere else – such as China.

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Prize package of treats Made in the USA

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