Blue Lightwalker

Lightwalker in blue

I have stepped in dog poop for the last time. Well, at least in the dark.

Winter is miserable for many reasons, only one being that its dark during dog walking hours. Eddie loves his walks but needs at least 15 minutes before he even will think about doing his business. We usually have to walk through every grassy area looking for just the right spot. Since some of my neighbors aren’t as considerate as I am (you know who you are), sometimes there are dog pies hiding in the darkness. On countless occasion, I have almost dropped my cell phone in Eddie’s while using it as a flashlight.

Lightwalker and Eddie

Lightwalker test with Eddie

Lightwalker by Accessories LA  has come to my rescue! An easy-to-use flashlight with 3 brightness settings and one flashing, attached to an adjustable sports/utility belt that could fit around my down coat. I could angle the neck to point exactly where I was stepping, ensuring my path was lit but my hands were free. Eddie and my path were well lit the entire walk. The Lightwalker belt is well made, not of cheap materials that would fall apart after a few uses and has optional accessories like a bag and keychain.

Sonia Alvarado created Lightwalker, along with her sister Sandra, after tripping on the sidewalk while walking her four dogs at night. Not only is the Lightwalker affordable at $20, but the sisters have also committed to donating to shelters and rescues. They will even donate $1 of your purchased pink belt to the charity of your choice; just post a link to your favorite charity on Lightwalker’s Facebook page.

Check out the Lightwalker on YouTube!

Accessories LA sent me a Lightwalker free of charge for this review, but I definitely will be purchasing another for my dog walker and mom! I highly recommend Lightwalker for anyone who enjoys being outside at night with their dog!