Earth Day is coming and I thought in honor of it I’d do a series on having a “green” dog.  There are some great eco-friendly companies and products out there that will help make your dog a green one.

I had the fortune to meet Pam Wheelock, owner of while I was at Blog Paws 2010 and she gave me several samples to try out on Dash (plus a mouse toy to try out on my new kitten, Mabel).  I received a squeaky bone, a ball, a tug toy, and a leash bag holder that was made from recycled sweaters. I absolutely adore the leash bag holder!  And, as you can see in the video below, it held everything safely and securely. is one of the few online retailers where every product is eco-friendly.  Since she was always concerned for our environment, she decided to create pet products that reflected her dedication to being green.  She has a primary focus on plastic-free and dye-free toys.

She pointed out to me that for dogs, their mouths are sort of equivalent to our hands.  After all, they chew and suck on their toys.  Additionally, they secrete saliva as they chew and their mouths are lined with pink mucous membranes that have a high absorption capacity.  I stopped and thought to myself about how much Dash loves to suck and nibble on his squeaky toys.  I never gave a second thought as to what those toys are made of.  And think about it – we watch what we allow our children (and even ourselves) to put in their mouths.  Why not our pets?

So not using plastics – I could understand.  After all, we need to be concerned about BPA.  Many scientists are now worrying and alleging that plastic is a carcinogen, a hormone disrupter, and even toxic to our internal organs.  However, I never realized the problems with fabric dye.

Conventionally raised cotton uses insecticides, large quantities of chlorine bleaching agents, formaldehydes, and phenols.  All of these are indicated as a source of cancer, birth defencts, toxic reactions, and even death to third world cotton workers!  Fabric dyes can consist of arsenic, lead, camium, cobalt, and chomium.  These dye can cause red and itchy skin and promote other types of toxic reactions.  Check out this chart that shows which dyes are carcinogenic.

Pam uses only naturally colored cotton in her products (pictured in the video below).  All of PurrfectPlay’s products are organic, chemical free, and made of fair trade materials.  They are also proud longstanding members of Green America. When you buy one of their products you can be sure it was made with dedication to the evironment and your pet’s safety.  Check out their store at  As you can see in the video below, Dash absolutely loved his new toys and I highly recommend them to anyone – not only will your dog enjoy playing with them but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they are safe.