It’s official:  Dash stinks.  And he seems to be getting stinker more quickly…I don’t know what he is rolling around in while he is living at my parents’ house, but my mom is tired of having to give him a bath every few days.  I think I’ve become immune to doggy smell (okay, I’ll admit it – I actually like it), but my mom absolutely hates it.  And, besides, Dash hates baths.

So it was perfect timing when I was contacted by the makers of Lock & Mane to test out their new pet hair care products called “Fresh Dog.”  (They have a really cute “About Us” story).  They sent me a Dry Dog Shampoo (in powder form) the Waterless Bath Foam to test out.  I was more than willing to try them out on Dash in an effort to spare him from some time in the sink!

The first thing I noticed about the two products was the smell.  Heavenly.  The powder had a lavender/rosemary-ish scent and the waterless bath foam was fruity like grapefruit.  They had a subtle scent – not too overpowering but were long-lasting.  Dash didn’t mind the powder at all (well, he did the usual rolling around on the carpet routine).  I just rubbed it into the fur really well and pretending like I was giving him a massage.

He didn’t appreciate the waterless bath foam as much as I did, however.  Maybe because it left his fur a little wet at first, or maybe it was the smell – he backed away when I put a dollop in my hand and I had to grab him and hold him still.  I, however, absolutely loved the smell.  His coat looked shiner and he smelled a helluva lot better.  Vast improvement.

My mom really liked it too, and I think both products will help her in keeping him stay clean and fresh smelling.  And, even better for Dash, my mom will be able to cut down the number of times he’s getting hauled into the sink for a bath.

You can purchase the Fresh Dog products online at OR you can enter to win the ENTIRE set here at The Philly Dog!  Simply enter through the Rafflecopter form below – leave a comment telling me just how smelly your pup is!  For extra entries, you can tweet and like/share on Facebook.  Contest ends June 25th and a winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter.  Good luck!

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