Recalls.  Every pet owner dreads hearing that there is another pet food recall.  I lost a pet to one (Iams) and when I hear “recall” I feel my stomach sink.

Except this time.

The Honest KitchenIn case you haven’t heard, The Honest Kitchen announced yesterday that they are doing a limited, precautionary recall of 5 lots of food.  Specifically, certain lots of Verve, Zeal and Thrive.  No animals have been sickened, this is just a precautionary measure.  To find out if your food is affected, here is the list for the  Honest Kitchen recall.

Do you remember over the summer all of the talk about salmonella contamination in raw leafy greens?  Well, it turns out that a sample of parsley from their supplier tested positive for salmonella.  Fortunately, absolutely no traces of salmonella have been found in any Honest Kitchen foods, including the batches of food that they produced with this parsley.  The Honest Kitchen reports that the tainted parsley may never even have entered their manufacturing plant.  But, The Honest Kitchen is refusing to take any risks and instead is simply recalling all products which may be in out there.

So when I first heard about the recall, I furrowed my brow.  I feed Finn the Preference formula.  Although…I don’t even know if it contains parsley.

But here’s the thing.  I’ve worked with many, many brands during the time I’ve run this website.  And The Honest Kitchen is, by far, one of the most upstanding brands on the market today.  When the founder Lucy Postins withdrew advertising from a major pet industry magazine because the magazine advocated for pet stores selling puppies (which supports puppy mills), I knew she was a woman of real integrity.  They are obsessive about the quality of their foods.  Their website is full of excellent information regarding pet health and wellness.

And the way the company is handling the recall further demonstrating this integrity.  And now they are actually implementing a new steaming process for all leafy greens (parsley, basil, dandelion greens, alfalfa, spinach) to avoid this in the future.

Honestly, I’m not worried.  I’m not switching Finn to another brand.  Preference is an amazing formula and has made an incredible difference in his skin and coat.  I’m saying this, and I lost a pet once to recalled pet food.

And, just so you know, I am not being (nor have I ever been) compensated by The Honest Kitchen to write this post.