I kept putting Dash’s dental exam off out of fear of the cost. However, his breath was so stinky I thought he might have a rotten tooth. When he stopped chewing on his bully sticks I knew he was in pain.

How much does a dog dental procedure cost?

The cost will depend on a few different factors, but you should be prepared to spend at least $500. First, whether you go to a private veterinarian’s office or a local shelter clinic. Second, senior dogs may need additional bloodwork to determine whether it is safe to administer anesthesia. In addition, there will be additional charges for a pre-dental exam, tooth extractions, and any additional work needed.

Local clinics

A local clinic is a great option if you are on a budget. I contact a few clinics in the Philadelphia metro area for estimates. All of the vets require a pre-dental procedure physical exam and blood work to make sure it would be safe to administer anesthesia. The lowest priced clinic (Delaware County SPCA) only charges around $35 for this exam (does not include blood work). I have taken my foster dogs (and cat) to vet clinics several times and highly recommend them. A dental procedure only costs around $125 plus around $25 for each extracted tooth. That’s a deal you can’t beat.

Private veterinarian hospital

I did a little survey of vets in the Philadelphia area and found that estimates ranged anywhere from $300 to $800. Most are in the $500 range, with Society Hill Vet the most expensive. In the suburbs, Devon Animal Hospital was the highest starting at $500 – which did not include a physical exam, blood work or tooth extractions. Limerick Vet ranges between $300 and $500. Perkiomen Animal Hospital quoted between $300 – $500, not including extractions. Since it came so highly recommended and was close to my parents’ home, I went with Perkiomen.

dash chews tennis ballBreakdown of charges

This is the breakdown of charges for Dash’s dental cleaning and the removal of three teeth:

  • Catheterization IV $22
  • Fluids Intravenous/Day $28
  • General Anesthesia (injected and gas) ISOFL $50
  • Dentistry Scale & Polish $60
  • Extract Teeth (3)  $50
  • Fluoride Treatment $7.50
  • Pedicure (complimentary) $0
  • Ear Cleaning (complimentary) $0
  • Convenia $42
  • Pain Management (in hospital) $38
  • Rimadyl Injectable and chew ($0)
  • Hospitalization $35

The total cost of a dog dental care procedure for my 11 year old Yorkie:  $332.50. The vet also wanted to see Dash 7-10 days after the exam just to make sure everything was healing properly. There was no charge for this exam.

So, all in all, it cost around $577.00. If there is pet insurance out there that covers dental exams, then that’s an excellent reason to get insurance. Regardless, it’s important to make a concentrated effort to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is critical to your dog’s overall well-being.

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