Dash has been a long-time member of the overweight dogs club.  If you’ve been a Philly Dog reader, you probably already know Dash’s history and how we came to be together.  But for those of you who don’t, here’s the low down: I bought Dash from a breeder.  Yes, I’m ashamed to say it.  After being rejected from 2 shelter groups, I gave in to my frustration and decided to go the breeder route.  I did my research and found a reputable hobby breeder out in Limerick, PA who had 2 boy Yorkies and a girl.  I really wanted a girl, so I went to her house to meet them all.

Ah, our best laid plans.  When I arrived, Dash came running up to me.  When I picked him up he literally wrapped his paws around my neck.  Sold!  He was 2 years old at the time and she had been showing him (I think she stopped because he wasn’t winning).  But he was a total winner in my eyes!

fat dash

Fat Dash (before Hill’s diet)

feed me

Feed me!

Fast forward 7 years…my little guy is now 9 years old with the personality of a puppy who can play never-ending games of fetch.  But I made him fat by showing him love through food and treats – which was why I asked to be part of the Advanced Metabolic Advanced Weight Loss Solution from Hill’s.

At Dash’s vet visit last year, he weighed a whopping 12 pounds.  He should weigh 8 pounds.  Dash had officially joined the overweight dogs club.  But that was about the extent of help that I got from my vet.  I read somewhere that 12 pounds on a Yorkie is like a 5’4 human weighing over 500 pounds.  So, it was quite noticeable that he was overweight.  He looked like a sausage.

But it wasn’t just his looks – his quality of life was definitely suffering.  When we played fetch, he couldn’t run as fast and didn’t want to play as long as he used to.  He has a collapsing trachea, which got noticeably worse. He also has luxating patellas in his hind legs, which seemed to bother him more as he continued to gain weight.

skinny Dash

Look how svelte!

I tried giving him low-fat food but he wouldn’t eat it.  So, we cut way back on his food intake and treats and got him down to 10 pounds.  But he’s definitely plateued and we still have 2 more to lose.  Which is why I wanted to be part of this weight loss opportunity.  Dash has only been eating the Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution food and treats for over a month now.  While he hasn’t been re-weighed yet, he looks like he has made progress.  His waist is becoming more defined since he began the diet.  But what has improved the most is his energy level and his collapsing trachea has improved because he is losing the excess weight (not because of the food).

In all honesty, when we first started he wasn’t too keen on his new food.  We had been feeding him a raw diet and I imagine it was quite a shock to go from a that to canned food and dry kibble.  Now, he reluctantly eats it but he does finish it all.  He eats the treats with prodding.  What I like, though, about the diet is that I can give him a normal serving size and I don’t feel like I’m starving him.  He’s getting plenty to eat and I like the convenience of the products because I don’t have to worry about it causing weight gain.  I’m very happy with this weight loss program and I’m looking forward to see how much progress we’ve made.  Stay tuned!

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