Dash has been on the Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Loss formula now for about two months and he’s made so much progress.  It’s really hard to express just how heavy Dash was – being 4 pounds overweight may not sound like a lot, but for a little dog it’s a ton of weight.  He literally waddled:

Can you see how he has literally no definition in his hips? At 12 pounds, this little Yorkie was a little sausage.

After our visit to the vet, we dash goes to vetembarked on the Hill’s Pet Metabolic Advanced Weight Loss feeding trial because nothing else we tried had worked. For the last few months, Dash has been eating the Hill’s formula and getting their treats. The weight loss has been slow and steady – and I’m happy to report he has lost another ½ a pound!  We only have another ½pound to go before he is at his recommended weight of 8 pounds.



Check out this little svelte waist!

Dash in driveway

And if pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth even more. With the continued weight loss, he is playing fetch again and his overall energy level has improved.

And these days, this is about as close to a cookie as Dash gets.
dash is thin

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