The owner of the young emaciated pitbull, now known as “Curious George,” has actually turned himself in.  But only because people in the area were identifying him as the owner. On Halloween, Curious George was found roaming the streets ofLower Chichester.  He only weighed 35 pounds, making him one of the worst cases of animal abuse the county had seen.  Almost reminiscent of Patrick the Pitbull.

Lamont Alexander, 28, of Morton, was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and animal abandonment.

Rather than seeking help, apparently, Alexander thought it was better to just “let the dog go.” 

Animal cruelty laws inPennsylvania don’t have much teeth, however.  Each count of animal cruelty only carries up to 90 days of jail time and a fine ranging from $50-$750.

SPCA officials are happy to report that Curious George is now a healthy 60 pounds (pictured below) and is available for adoption.

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