Reality bites…sometimes. Other times, the real world can cook up some pretty heartwarming stories to spice up our spirits. Ready for a heaping plate of happiness? Read on!

Earlier this week, a man came into ACCT Philly looking for his friend’s cat, and shared with staff that his friend had recently passed away. Touched that the man was concerned for the kitty’s wellbeing, ACCT staff tracked down the cat, and found that he had been transferred to one of the shelter’s rescue partners. After contacting the partner and explaining the situation, ACCT staff was able to reunite the man with his deceased friend’s pet. Not only was “Mr. Tigger” happy to see a familiar face, but he found a new home! What better way to honor a friend’s life than to continue caring for the ones they loved?

You may remember that last month, Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement rescued three severely emaciated dogs who had been abandoned in a home in Wynnefield. A little more than a month later, Sirius the Irish Wolfhound has gained 30lbs. and is thriving in foster care! Yesterday, his owners pleaded guilty to six counts of animal cruelty, and were fined and ordered restitution. Now that the case has cleared the courts, Sirius and his two buddies are finally available for adoption!

Meep and Lola were two cats who had been together their whole lives (ten years!), and they shared a special bond. They are sensitive cats, and the upheaval they experienced after losing their home had stressed them out. Recognizing their need for a little peace, the PAWS staff set them up in the adoption center’s “luxury suite” – the bathroom! There, they could lean on each other and take comfort in one another’s company. On Tuesday, Meep and Lola were both adopted. . . together!

Monday morning was far from normal for Norman, a stocky lovebug who had come into ACCT Philly as a stray. After spending some time at the shelter, he was just getting used to his surroundings – but lucky for him, his owner came walking through the front door that morning to bring him home! After a shower of kisses and some pretty intense tail-wagging, Norman was on his way home. His Dad was so thankful to the staff who worked to reunite them that he treated everyone to coffee and donuts! Way to pay it forward!

Buddy the dog update! Buddy is a 6-month-old Cane Corso/Boxer mix with an outgoing, sweet personality. He suffers from a congenital condition causing urinary incontinence, and after multiple failed medications, the Delaware County SPCA’s Head Vet has estimated that it will cost roughly $1,700 to diagnose Buddy’s problem, and a few thousand dollars more if a surgery is needed. Refusing to give up on Buddy, the Delco SPCA is trying to raise $3,000 to cover his medical costs so he can get better and find a forever home. The shelter is posting pleas on Facebook for help, and has been accepting donations online since Tuesday. As of today, compassionate pet lovers have donated $1,100 – a little more than a third of the way to meeting the goal. Hang in there, Buddy; help is on the way!

Keeping up with the latest news in animal welfare can be disheartening at times, but for every disappointment, every heartbreak, every way in which we humans sometimes fail our four-legged friends, there are stories of people whose passion rises above, pets who beat the odds, and organizations putting their hearts and souls into doing good. To those out there fighting tooth and nail to give every precious pet a second chance: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.