The Testers

I was really excited when I was contacted by leash & collar manufacturer Classic Hound to review a collar because Dash was in serious need of a new one!  Classic Hound, created by Ellen Greenaway, has been around since 2005.  It all started with the adoption of a deserving Greyhound named Bugsy. When the opportunity to combine her love for dogs and her love for sewing presented itself, Ellen jumped right on it and she’s been designing high end collars and accessories ever since. Any given day, you can find 3 humans and 3 dogs out in a sewing studio on a quiet salty street in Maine. Abby (her Whippet) is usually napping in the corner while Dewey, (her beagle mix), is sniffing all about in search of his next adventure. Kate, the head seamstress, has a sassy little French Bulldog named Rhoda who keeps everyone in their proper place. All three dogs are our main collar testers and are one tough crowd to please.

I selected the “Citrus” collar, pictured left, for Dash.  I thought it was the perfect style for summertime.  The collar is exceptionally well made – and I’ve seen a lot of dog collars.  The stitching is impeccable and the fabric is sturdy and brightly colored.  The hardware is definitely top quality.  I would absolutely purchase a collar from Classic Hound – while it may be a little tough to cough up $32 for a collar, you certainly get what you pay for.  And the available fabric designs are really cute and unique – so your dog is sure to stand out from the crowd.

They also offer leash bags, poop-bag holders (these are totally cute), leashes and even people handbags!  But what I really like about Classic Hound (besides the dazzling collars) is that they also give back with their Go Fetch! Go Green! Collar Recycle Program to help reduce the amount of materials going into our landfills.  You have the option to trade-in your old Classic Hound collars or leashes for $5 – $7 off your next collar/leash purchase!  After you send it in, you receive a coupon code via email for every collar and/or leash hardware set sent back for reuse. So if you send back one collar plus one leash, that’s $12.00 off your next collar and leash purchase.  Send 3 Classic Hound collars back to us and get $21.00 off your next 3 collar purchase!

Most of all, I’m really excited to team up with Classic Hound to do a giveaway contest for one free collar of your choice!  Just enter below through the Rafflecopter form – contest ends on August 8th!  Good luck everyone!

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