When my canine kids, Inc. offered me the chance to test out their new PRECISION FIT™ harness for free, I jumped at the chance. With all of Dash’s recent weight loss, he was in desperate need of a new harness. Since he has a collapsing trachea and pulls on the leash when he sees another dog (or person), I prefer to use a harness on him. While I was satisfied with the previous harness I had bought, I was looking for something better, more affordable, and softer. The PRECISION FIT ™ harness looked like it would be the perfect replacement.


The Precision Fit nylon harness is made of a soft fabric and is the step-in type with adjustable sides. When I first looked at it, I thought that there was no way Velcro would be strong enough to hold Dash back. But then I realized that this wasn’t just the standard kind of Velcro you can get from a craft store – it’s military grade. There is a double ring leash closure that provides added security and control. I have to say that the double ring leash closure is my favorite part of the Precision Fit harness – you can see in the video below that the double ring adds additional strength:


I am really happy that I had the chance to review this product – I am beyond satisfied with Dash’s new PRECISION FIT™ harness. He’s practically living in it at this point! Since it’s made of nylon, it’s soft and more comfortable for him to keep on for long periods of time. It’s super easy to slip on, adjusts to fit his body shape, and is really lightweight. I also like that it will easily adjust to fit over his sweater/coat when it gets colder out. Plus, the reflective trim will make him easier to see at night when he goes for a walk.

dash in precision fit harness

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If you are looking for a new harness, I definitely recommend the Precision Fit by my canine kids, Inc. There are tons of colors (and patterns) to choose from – you can see them in action on the my canine kids facebook pageHarnesses come in 5 sizes, fitting dogs from 4 pounds to 50 pounds.

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