Philly LEAST Pet Friendly City?!?

    Sure, Philly is notorious for it's under-dog, somewhat abrasive "atty-tude." We can take a little warming up to. But one thing I know for sure is that we LOVE our dogs. A quick walk down any city block and you'll see a dog walking happily on a leash or playing in the...

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    Zuke’s Mini-Naturals Ghost

    Disclaimer: In exchange for writing a review of the Zuke's Mini-Naturals Ghost treats, Zuke's donated two bags to be included in our raffle prize to help fundraise for the 2016 Philly PAWS Mutt Strutt.  Just in time for the Halloween festivities, all natural pet treat...

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    Meet Lucky! And then take him home.

    His name doesn't lie, this little guy really is Lucky! At around 10 years old and weighing around 16 lbs., Lucky found himself homeless and in Philadelphia's animal control shelter after being picked up as a stray. What's truly remarkable about Lucky's story is that...

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    What Would You Do if You Lost Your Dog?

    We lost our dog. And I never, ever thought that could happen. It was a normal night. Though I suppose it always starts like that. It would be odd for a story to begin with “It was an abnormal night; one that was itching for a horrible event,” but I digress. We, my...

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    What if I die before my pets do?

    What if the dogs had been left to fend for themselves for days – no food, water, no meds? This happens to a lot of animals. What if no one wanted to take them? Do you send two senior, special needs, sometimes incontinent, yet extremely spry and happy dogs to a shelter?

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