THIS Sunday, PACT for Animals is hosting “Punish the Deed, Not the Breed,” a daylong event which aims to promote responsible pit bull ownership while dispelling the myths behind the discriminatory practice of breed specific legislation (BSL).

The event, which runs from noon to 8 pm, is scheduled for September 23rd at the University of Pennsylvania. A main focus of the forum will be the wholly negative effects associated with BSL.
Beyond the Myth,” a film highlighting the unfair stigma attached to pit bulls, will be shown multiple times throughout the day. The documentary investigates the misconceptions attached to pit bull-type dogs while showing how biased media coverage has led to bans resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent animals across the country.  This film is a must see for anyone who loves dogs. The problem of banning entire breeds because of the actions of a few is not a problem just for pit bull owners.
Also featured will be panel discussions led by experts and top attorneys from the animal law fields. A variety of seminars are scheduled, including a discussion on the need for tougher laws and penalties against irresponsible owners who help to perpetuate the unjust stereotypes associated with pit bulls. A seminar focused on the media’s need to report factual information will demonstrate that in addition to many news outlets sensationalizing dog incidents, practically all of these negative incidents involving pits and other large breeds have been caused by dogs owned by irresponsible owners.
Members of the Miami Coalition Against BSL will be on hand to discuss the 23-year-long ban on pit bull-type dogs in Dade County and their efforts to repeal the ban. Owners of therapy, service and educational bully breed dogs will also be in attendance in an effort to show that pit bulls are not inherently dangerous. Exhibitors representing shelters, rescue groups and dog-related products will have booths with information and goods benefiting animal rescue organizations.
The symposium was organized by PACT founder Buzz Miller, who describes the hundreds of pit bulls that he has encountered as “some of the best family dogs that I have ever seen.” “When people ask me about pit bulls, I tell them that they are just like any other dogs,” states Miller. “They have four legs and a tail. They get a bad rap due to irresponsible owners.”
Tickets for the event are only $25 ($15 for students)and available through Brown Paper Tickets or via the PACT website.  Hope to see you there!