Zuke’s Power Bones

    Christmas came early this year! Eddie received a package of Zuke’s Power Bones to review this weekend.

    Zuke's Power Bones

    Zuke’s Power Bones in Chicken

    Zuke’s Power Bones were the first treat that Zuke’s ever created.   Filled with nutrients to keep your dog going, it’s like an energy bar for your dog.  Available in chicken, peanut butter, and beef, Zuke’s Power Bones are packed with protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants and coconut oil to sustain your dog’s metabolism and keep him going. The treats come in quarter-sized, moist, chewy squares that are perfect for larger dogs but easy to break apart for smaller breeds. These treats are designed to sustain your dog’s energy so he can keep up with you.

    Zuke’s Power Bones – What’s in them, anyway?

    I love that they are made in the U.S.A. and don’t contain anything artificial.  The ingredients listed are:

    (Chicken, Beef, or Peanut Butter), Ground Oats, Ground Barley, Ground Rice, Maple Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Gelatin, Apples, Beets, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Cherries, Salt, Lecithin, Coconut Oil, Phosphoric Acid, Sorbic Acid (a preservative), Rosemary, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Mixed Tocopherols.

    As you can see, these are very natural and healthy treats.  They also don’t contain any wheat, corn or soy.

    The Review – Yay or Nay?

    I decided to see if the Power Bones could help Eddie keep up.

    Since temperatures reached into the mid 60’s in the Philly area this weekend, Eddie and I trekked out on a path close to home. I broke up the treats and used them as a training tool on our walk (we are working on not chasing cars). He didn’t get too many, but they definitely helped keep up his energy (especially since he skipped most of his breakfast).

    We also tried the Zuke’s Power Bones on our neighbor’s dogs to try to keep some order when we had some friends over to play.  They were a huge hit – the dogs came running when they heard the bag opening and I was easily able to keep their attention and get a sit when things needed to settle down. The Loquasto house is known in the neighborhood to have excellent snacks – and Zuke’s Power Bones didn’t disappoint. The taste test was definitely a success and we sent some samples home with our guests.

    If you are looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for your four-legged friend, try Zuke’s Power Bones.   You can find them at major retails for  around $7. Or, enter our giveaway below for a chance to win a bag of each kind of Power Bone!

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    Young Friends of the PSPCA Happy Hour

    Young Friends of the PSPCALove animals?   Looking to get involved?  Then check out a fabulous happy hour benefitting the Pennsylvania SPCA this Thursday, September 5th, from 6 to 8 pm at Public House on Logan Square.  Enjoy drink specials and mingle with the Young Friends of the PSPCA leaders and find out how you can help homeless animals in the Philadelphia area.

    The mission of Young Friends is “to empower a group of young professionals to support the Pennsylvania SPCA in carrying out its mission – to protect animals, prevent cruelty, and improve the health and quality of life for animals in Pennsylvania – through fundraising and volunteering.”

    Sound like something you can stand up for?  Join a committee, help increase membership, organize special events, generate communications, and volunteer with the animals.  Young Friends co-chairs, Sara Loquasto and Jennifer Green, will be present to answer questions and talk about how they plan to make the group fun and grow.

    For more information and to R.S.V.P. for the event, please go to the Public House evite.  There is a $5 admission fee with a portion of the proceeds going to the PSPCA lifesaving efforts.

    Zukes Z-Bones – Natural Dog Dental Chews

    Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is important – not just to keep away the bad doggie breath, but to keep your dog healthy overall.  If your dog’s teeth aren’t property taken care of, he can develop a bacterial infection that can spread through the bloodstream to the kidneys, liver, heart or brain  And while brushing your dog’s teeth is an important part of daily care, it’s also nice to be able to give your dog a dental chew treat every now and then to help the process.

    My dog, Eddie, is a picky boy when it comes to treats.  But a tell-tale sign that a treat is going to be a hit is when he starts licking his lips.  Recently, we were given free samples of Z-Bones by Zuke’s Natural Edible Dental Chews to test out.  We tried Z-Bones after an afternoon of lounging outside. It was too early for his dinner so it was a perfect opportunity to try a new snack.  I knew the treat was already a success when, as I started to open the package, he began licking his lips.

    I was already familiar with the Zuke’s brand from sampling other great products in their line.  And Eddie was already a fan of Hip Action and Jerky Naturals. Since their products are sourced and made in the USA I’m very comfortable and confident with the Zuke’s brand.  Plus, I’ve never seen them on a recall list.


    Z-Bones Three Flavors

    Unlike other some dental chews containing rawhide, Z-Bones are made of pea and potato so they are  easily digestible. The Zuke’s website states that the texture of the Z-Bones are what helps to keep teeth clean by scraping an polishing your dog’s teeth.  They are also filled with parsley and alfalfa, which help to naturally freshen breath.  They even contain antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables!

    Z-Bones come in 3 delicious flavors:  Clean Apple Crisp, Clean Carrot Crisp and Clean Berry Crisp.  They are all grain-free, containing no wheat, corn or soy.  Cherry happened to be Eddie’s favorite, and I must say that his breath was much fresher after eating it!

    Think your dog is too big or small to try Z-Bones? They come in 4 sizes, from Mini  (for dogs 10-25 lbs.) to Giant ( 90 lbs. and up).  They generally retail at $1.29 per bone, but increase in cost depending upon size.

    Dog Licking a Z-Bone

    Licking for Z-Bones

    Another reason I like Zuke’s,  is that its a great company! It was founded by Patrick Meiering in 1995, when he began looking for healthy, all-natural treats for his dog, Zuke. They are committed to creating premium treats for dogs and cats, sourcing all ingredients from the USA (except for rabbit and venison).  The company’s core beliefs are exemplary and include staying healthy, being active, showing devotion, helping others, living green, and supporting the community. Zuke’s is involved in giving back to The Dog and Cat Research Fund, which addresses the treatment, research and prevention of cancers that strike our pets.

    The PhillyDog.com received a free trial of Zuke’s Z-Bones for this product review.

    FrostyBowlz Keeps Water Bowls Chilly

    To celebrate Eddie’s adoption day (May 2nd) I decided I was going to spoil him like crazy – I cooked him a turkey!  I also sat for his best doggie friends, and it was quite the party.  In true party form, Eddie and friends drink a lot while they are together.  In fact, Eddie hosts wild drinking parties at our home (often, while I am out).   When I put out ice and water they think it’s a game and I end up discovering puddles over the next few hours. Then they all stand at the door begging to go out.

    Eddie can also be a challenging eater, grazer. He goes on hunger strikes often and I try adding bits of cheese or chicken broth to his dry food to persuade him to eat. I know he will eat when he’s hungry so the only problem is if he doesn’t eat it within a few hours I end up throwing it out because I’m worried that the food has gone bad.



    Recently, we were sent a complementary FrostyBowlz® (see picture) to try out for our readers.  I have to say, the FrostyBowlz® solved all of our problems!

    FrostyBowlz®, like many other innovative pet products, was inspired by a dog named Jager’s owner (and FrostyBowlz inventor) Jeffrey Brown we noticed that Jager wasn’t drinking much water while he was away.  But when Jeffrey came home each day and gave Jager some cold, fresh water, he just guzzled it like he had been out in the desert all day.  Jeffrey realized that Jager wasn’t touching his water during the daytime because it had become warm . . . he preferred his water cold.  Which made total sense to Jeffrey – after all, he did, too.  After unsuccessfully scouring the internet for a bowl that would keep Jager’s water cold, he decided he would just have to create it himself.  And so, FrostyBowlz® was born.

    It comes in three pieces:  The bowl, the core, and base.  The stainless steel bowl has an insert, or the “FrostyCore™.”   The  FrostyCore™ (blue bowl) has a non-toxic gel inside.  You just place it in the freezer until it gets cold, and then insert it under the stainless steel bowl. The bowl is now cold, and can keep water and uneaten food cold for 14+ hours.  By adding a little water to the base, you can even keep away bugs and ants.   Keeping hydrated with a cool drink in summer month is critical and we will be packing this in our travel bag this summer!

    Since it hasn’t been to warm out yet, I have been using it to keep his food safe until he eats it. I can’t wait to use it this week when his friends are over, no more puddles!  To purchase your very own , go to the FrostyBowlz® Shop.  The bowl retails for about $25 depending on size and it really is a summer essential.

    Disclosure:  ThePhillyDog.com received a free FrostyBowlz for this review.


    The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

    The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

    I am always skeptical about reading books written for animal lovers. I am worried they are going to make me face animal  negligence, abuse, and death. Since Eddie is a shelter dog, this hits a little to close. Despite this I decided to read a recently released book, The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs, written by veterinary surgeon, Dr. Nick Trout. It is a fictional account of a veterinarian Dr. Cyrus Mills,  who returns to his childhood home to clean up his estranged father’s small town practice.

    The first few pages made me ask so many questions that I couldn’t put it down. We are introduced to Freida, a exuberant golden retriever who is brought in by a mysterious man asking to have her put down, even though her examination proves she is healthy and normal. Upon closer inspection, Dr. Mills notices her nails are painted, something else that doesn’t quite add up . Though he agress to euthanize Frieda, he chooses to wait until the next day. Later, we find out that Dr. Cobb, who is the deceased previous owner of the practice and Cyrus’s father, had been too generous with his patients and had ended up in serious debt. His son has returned to clean up this mess, escape his own problems, and get out of town fast. Fate has other plans.

    I am disappointed I don’t live near Dr. Trout and his practice. He clearly understands dog people and probably is one himself. I imagine Dr. Trout is a truly amazing vet that treats his patients (and their parents) with the care, attention and empathy. If Eddie ever needs surgery, I will be making an appointment with Dr. Trout and driving up to Boston!  Dr. Trout has written a few other stories that I look forward to checking out!

    For around $11 on Amazon.com (even less for your E-reader),  this fast and easy read is overall an endearing feel good story. I think you will find a character in the book that reminds you of a person or animal you know.You won’t be able to put it down!

    ThePhillyDog.com received a free copy of The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs for this review.

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