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Nicole Larocco has been training dogs professionally for over 13 years. She is currently the owner of Philly Unleashed, a private dog training business located in Philadelphia; and is the Director of Animal Behavior for New Leash on LIfe-USA, a new generation prison program that pairs inmates in the Philadelphia area with shelter dogs in an effort to adopt the dogs to permanant homes and change the lives of the inmates. Nicole lives in the Philadelphia area with her fiance, Tim, and their two rescued dogs; Uluru, an Australian cattle dog, and Porterhouse, a border collie mix. Both dogs are active competitors in the obedience and agility ring!

Best friends.


Few things can shake a dog owner more than seeing their dog in a fight with another dog. . . But no matter how hard you try to prevent them, or how good of friends two dogs may be, dog fights can happen.  One of the things that every dog owner should know is how … Continue Reading

Do you have a chic city dog?

5 Reasons Your City Dog is Happier than My Suburban Dog. . .

A close personal friend and client of mind recently lost the love of her life, her 7-year-old Airedale Terrier, to a devastating illness.  These girls were pretty much attached at the hip; they frequented many an outdoor café, strolled through Philadelphia meeting a zillion people (this little Airedale had quite the entourage), and had a … Continue Reading

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Why Does My Dog Do That?!?

Ok, so if you are a regular reader of my blogs, you know that I am not afraid to dig into some of the indelicate behaviors ok, downright nasty stuff that our pups do!  So today, I’m going to address some of the things that your pooch does that are well, insatiable at best, and what … Continue Reading

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The Top 5 Signs You and Your Dog Should Take an Obedience Class!

Have a dog who could use a little more training?  Who doesn’t?  I tell my clients all of the time that training is more than just a 6-week course, it’s for the life of your dog.  So if it’s been a while since you’ve done any training with your pup, these are the signs that maybe it’s time … Continue Reading


What’s the Big Deal About Crate Training?


Last night I took one of those flights that make you wonder whether you are ever going to put your feet on the ground again.  Flying from Atlanta to Philadelphia in the dark in a thunderstorm; the plane was rumbling and shaking all over the place.  I glanced to the woman sitting next to me, … Continue Reading
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To Dog Park or Not To Dog Park?. . . That Is The Question!


Most of the people who are asking have dogs who were previously successful at dog parks, but for one reason or another have been either having bad experiences at dog parks lately. Here’s a little bit of the mystery decoded.
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Why Does My Dog Hump?


*Names and breeds have been changed for privacy Three weeks ago, I met Charlie* the French Bulldog* for the first time.   His owners called me, telling me they had a dominance problem and that their dog was humping things.  Mostly pillows and stuffed animals; but the family’s concern came when Charlie humped their daughter’s friend … Continue Reading
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Decisions, Decisions. . . Choosing the Right Dog Walker!


If you’re thinking about hiring a dog walker, read these tips on how to pick the perfect one for you and your dog!
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5 Breeds That You Might Not Know About Who Make Great City Companions!


It’s that time of year again! The time when I sit down and force my fiancé to dork out with me as I watch 6 full hours of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show; then yell at the TV when my breed (The Australian Cattle Dog) gets unceremoniously snubbed! It happens every year. But this … Continue Reading
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