Author: Rebecca Braglio

Why I’m Thankful for My Pets

2017 has been a beast of a year and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was glad it’s coming to a close. While the year has been full of challenges, my pets continue to be a tremendous support to me. Indeed, there have been many days when coming home to an overexcited pup has shifted my mood for the better. Since my pets have always been part of my family, I’ve always wondered how those who don’t have pets manage to cope when down and out. Do they rely solely on human family members? Friends? Become workaholics?...

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The National Dog Show 2017

For any dog lover, Thanksgiving and The National Dog Show, Presented by Purina, go hand in hand. Having it in the Philly area is simply proof that we truly are the City of Doggie Love. Did you know that The National Dog Show is one of only three shows in the United States that is “benched?” This means that almost 2,000 dogs (from over 200 breeds) are in one spot for judging. We’re happy to once again giving away two tickets for you to check out over 200 breeds plus agility dogs, search and rescue dogs, diving dogs in...

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Benjamin Lovell Shoes Fits This Dog Walker’s Feet

Feet. Shoes. What in the world do footwear and dogs have in common? Plenty, when you’re a dog walker. Local dog walker  Nikki, of The Monster Minders, reports that she can walk anywhere from 10 to 12 miles per day. Last year I trekked plenty of miles walking dogs as a walker on In mud, on sidewalks, on sweltering hot days, and through a nasty slew of Pennsylvania snowstorms. But I never paid much attention to my shoes. Until I started having pain in the top of my foot. I’ll spare you the details – suffice to say...

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To The Pets – Happy National Dog Day!

August 26th is National Dog Day and we’re celebrating all of the pets. has a soft spot, though, for senior pets and pets who have special needs. We love this video by because it shows the world that EVERY PET COUNTS – no matter their differences! Looking for your next pet family member? Adopt, don’t shop! On September 5, 2017,  Citizen For a No-Kill Philadelphia is hosting With Love: Super Adoption Day. Super Adoption Day brings together dozens of amazing Philadelphia-area animal rescues and vendors for Philly’s longest-running pet adoption festival. Located at the Schmidt’s Commons (1001 N. 2nd Street),...

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