Life at Vet U Follows Penn Vet Students

Life at Vet U Follows Penn Vet Students

Life at Vet U  is an exciting documentary series about local veterinary hospital Penn Vet. The six-part series premieres on Saturday, October 1, 2016 and airs Saturdays at 10pm ET on Animal Planet.

Life at Vet U

Local veterinary hospital University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) will be featured in a gritty documentary series on Animal Planet starting Saturday, October 1st, 2016. The six part series follows six students as they are trained by top experts in the industry and work towards graduation. Daily challenges and high-stress, fast-paced emergencies make any pet owner hold their breath. You will have a whole new appreciation at what it takes to become a veterinarian. The six-part series premieres Saturday, October 1 at 10 PM ET.

Penn Vet School

Life at Vet U Hospital RoomPenn Vet is a global leader in veterinary education, research and clinical care. Everyone in Philly knows that Penn Vet is the best of the best.Penn Vet has some of the most advanced technology in the industry. It’s the first place every Philadelphia dog owner goes in an emergency situation or if their dog needs special care.

But did you know that they treat nearly 40,000 patients a year?  They handle everything from routine check-ups to, chemotherapy, and intricate cataract surgery. Penn Vet students are constantly challenged to be prepared for anything – including treating zebras!

Six Part Series

This six part series shows how personal and professional relationships grow in life-changing moments. Not just for the students, but also for the animals. Students complete years of never-ending studying, round-the-clock rotations and tackle unpredictable cases. The hard work and emotional struggles are worth it. You’ll experience the student’s anticipation as they brace themselves for the most important day of their career: Match Day. On Match Day, students find out where they will intern. Will work at their dream hospital? they scramble to even find a placement?

Life at Vet U follows each student on the road to becoming a veterinarian. It’s is a show about personal journeys and proof that every student has the same passion – to improve the lives of animals.

Dog Days at Dilworth Park 2016

Dog Days at Dilworth Park 2016

We’re excited to be a partner of the Dog Days at Dilworth Park 2016. Sponsored by TD Bank, Dog Days is a tribute to all Philly Dogs and their owners. The event will take place August 30, 31st and September 1st from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at Dilworth Park near City Hall.

It’s just another example of why Philadelphia is so dog friendly! Each day you can bring your dog to the Dog Days at Dilworth booth and meet local pet product service providers Muttropolitan Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, pet supply retailers, and even ask questions of a professional trainer. In addition, local rescues PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society and Morris Animal Refuge will be on site with adoptable pets. You can also get information on how you can volunteer, help support their missions, or how to adopt your own furry friend.

Dog Days at Dilworth Schedule:

Here are some more fun things for your pup:

  • Enter giveaways and raffles for cool prizes
  • Play on the Whole Animal Gym mini-agility course
  • Meet and greet with adoptable dogs from local shelters
  • Learn about pet safety with Red Paw Emergency Relief Team
  • Watch a cooking demonstration on how to make healthy dog treats
  • Hot Dog Cart by Dilworth Park Café with lunch available for purchase
  • Socialize with other Philly dog lovers and their pups!

For more information on daily schedules, please visit our Events Calendar.

Meet Lucky! And then take him home.

Meet Lucky! And then take him home.

Lucky1His name doesn’t lie, this little guy really is Lucky! At around 10 years old and weighing around 16 lbs., Lucky found himself homeless and in Philadelphia’s animal control shelter after being picked up as a stray. What’s truly remarkable about Lucky’s story is that he survived on the streets of Philly all on his own while being almost completely blind and deaf! While he may be considered “special needs”, Lucky does not let his disability slow him down a bit! He’s now living life in a foster home with other dogs, cats and kids!

Lucky is such an easy-going little guy that he seamlessly fit right in with his foster family which includes both large and small dogs, cats and younger kids. He’s very happy to lay on the couch next to you and loves his naps. He’s very much a people-dog and loves attention. He doesn’t mind being picked up and is great about all body handling. He especially loves belly rubs and chin scratches! Lucky is housebroken and will let you know when he needs to go out for a walk by giving some barks. He’s also great about letting you know when he needs something, like to find the water bowl or that he’s hungry. In addition to being mostly blind due to cataracts and having a hard time hearing due to his age, Lucky has a mild heart murmur which is common in dogs and requires no further treatment at this time. This adorable, muppet-like dog will make a great addition to just about any family!

Lucky is available for adoption through City of Elderly Love! He is vaccinated, microchipped and will be neutered prior to going to his forever home. He is also heartworm and lymes disease negative. Interested in meeting him? Visit to complete an online adoption questionnaire or email us at!

E Z V I Z Mini Cam Product Review

E Z V I Z Mini Cam Product Review

The EZVIZ Mini Cam is a game changer for pet owners who have to leave their pets home alone. Since dealing with Dash’s separation anxiety, I’ve become anxious about leaving my pets home alone. My anxiety is now rubbing off on the newest addition to the family, adopted from City of Elderly Love, Imogene. She’s a little too clingy and has started refusing treats when she realizes I’m leaving. While I’m already starting some of the separation anxiety training (so it doesn’t get full blown like Dash’s), I wanted to be able to keep tabs on her with a wi-fi cam.

Introducing the E Z V I Z Mini

EZVIZ reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to write an honest review in exchange for receiving a Mini Cam (retail value approximately $70.00).The timing couldn’t have been better – with Imogene’s budding separation anxiety and a scheduled work trip, the wi-fi cam would be the perfect way to make sure she was okay. 

ezviz_mini_camEZVIZ’s mission is to make great quality video easy for everyone. While it is super tiny, it works just like any other wi-fi cam. The EZVIZ Mini technical specs are nicely broken down on the EZVIZ site. You can find the technical specs here if you’re interested. If you’re interested in the technical spec It doesn’t record continuously – when the Mini detects motion it begins recording in incremental periods. You can then watch the recording from your phone through the mobile app.

E Z V I Z Set Up

From my experiences with Dash, I’ve tried out three other security cameras and camera apps. All have been quite difficult to set up – especially when it came to connecting the camera to the wi-fi and computer. One I actually never managed to get set up – and actually tossed it in the trash. But the EZVIZ Mini was super easy to set up and I didn’t get frustrated at all. Even if you aren’t good with tech you’ll be able to set it up in a snap.

Since Imogene prefers to spend her days sleeping in the bathroom, I needed to be able to get a clear view of her while not invading anyone’s privacy (awkward – um, why do you have a security camera in your bathroom?). While the magnet base allows you to place the camera just about anywhere, I ended up sitting it on the floor to get the best shot. I then connected the camera to the house wi-fi and downloaded the EZVIZ app to my iphone. With a few adjustments to the angle, it was ready to record. By far the easiest camera set-up ever.

Every time the cam detects motion and will stop recording after 10 seconds when movement ends. The “shots” are kept in the mobile app gallery for review. You can even download the videos to your phone. Here’s an example of Imogene:

E Z V I Z Mini Cam Review

So….would I buy the EZVIZ Mini Cam? Absolutely. Here’s why:

  • Fits in the palm of your hand!
  • Great design – it’s not an ugly cam that won’t blend into your decor
  • Easily adjustable view (115 degrees horizontally and 130 degrees vertically)
  • Screen magnification (for those important close-ups – is she really sleeping? are her eyes closed?)
  • Microphone to record any barking
  • Night vision capability (up to 30 ft!)
  • Ability to install a Micro SD card for additional storage

What didn’t I like? Not one thing. I would absolutely purchase this camera. I could sit and watch Imogene all day on this thing. And that’s pretty much what I did. So much so that I ended up draining my phone battery (it becomes quite addictive checking in on your pets). To avoid killing your battery, you can set the notifications so that you only get an alert when the cam detects motion. The EZVIZ Mini is the perfect size and perfect set-up for someone who isn’t looking for anything super-technical, but needs enough features to add value. It retails for about $70 online (Amazon, Walmart) and there is cloud storage capability for an extra fee. I didn’t have a need for cloud storage, but it’s nice to have that option.

So, if you are currently looking for a basic wi-fi cam to be able to check in on your pets while you are away, I highly recommend the EZVIZ Mini. Whether your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or you’re trying to figure out which cat is peeing outside of the litter box, consider purchasing this model. And, while Imogene seems to be just fine when I’m not at home, being able to check in on her has eased some of my own anxiety.

Looking for more info on the EZVIZ Mini? Check out their site and Facebook page!

Okay. Back to watching Imogene.


Why ThePhillyDog has to Change

Why ThePhillyDog has to Change

Re-designing a site is hard work.

ThePhillyDog & Boogie Gear Tables

One of the 1st Fundraisers to Spread the Word

I can still remember how excited I was when I received my logo from the designer I contracted on Etsy…it was the first tangible manifestation of all of my brainstorming and visions of where I wanted this site to go. In 2009, I wanted simplicity. I wanted a Liberty Bell with a Doxie (because that was the only dog shape that looked okay stretched across the Liberty Bell). I picked my font based on what had for business cards.

Along the way, the site has changed a ton. Initially, it was just about getting events up, supporting the rescues, and talking about Dash’s separation anxiety. But when a company found my negative product review about their product, things changed. I’ll never forget the day I found a package on my porch with a ton of products, asking me to give them another try and apologizing for my bad experience. That was my Julie & Julia moment – “Ernestine, I have a comment.” But this time, it wasn’t my mother.

It seemed as though the brands had found me. The products started pouring in – it seemed like every day there was a new dog toy or treat for Dash to try. It got to the point where when the mail came, Dash immediately sat, assuming it was something for him.

I won’t lie – it was fun. A lot of fun. For a while.  Because it was also a ton of work. Brands send bloggers products but expect a full review and for you to share it on their social channels. Writing it up, taking photos, editing, posting…that all takes time. And I was still working full time as an attorney. So, I decided maybe it was time to start charging and making money for all of my efforts.

I then began attending blogging conferences and trying to educate myself as much as possible about blogging and social media. My focus for the site turned to making money – advertising for the local Philly businesses. This required making sure my traffic was high to justify. In 2009, not many people wanted to pay for digital advertising, believe it or not. Bloggers weren’t valued as a PR opportunity.  And the hustle that’s required in keeping your traffic up (attending all of the dog-friendly events, meeting with businesses, etc.) is really hard to do when you are working full time.

Keeping the site updated with events and what places are and aren’t dog friendly – well that takes a lot of work, too. Running giveaways consumes a ridiculous amount of time, and it was another feature brands started wanting. And when you spend all day at work on the computer and running around, the last thing you feel like doing is getting back in front of your computer to work on a site that was supposed to be fun. wasn’t fun any more for me. I didn’t look forward to sharing the upcoming events. I stopped doing product reviews because I couldn’t get them posted in a reasonable time. And then Dash moved in with my parents. I moved out of Philadelphia and into the suburbs. I didn’t have a dog and I didn’t live in Philly.

Over the past year, I’ve made a few changes to get my work-life balance back in check. I decided it was time to stop focusing on making money with the site and start having fun again. But I can’t do it all alone. This site is for the dog loving community in the Philadelphia area. In order for it to be valuable to the community, I need the community to help. This can’t be a one-woman show any more.

SO – I’m working on enabling as many features as I can to streamline things and provide the community with ways to add content and help share events and keep everything updated – including adding dog friendly events, posting adoptable pets, to getting businesses listed. I’m also hoping to add a recommendation and rating system that will help other dog owners make decisions on pet sitters and places to visit. Lots of great changes coming, so please bear with all of the site changes and updates. It’s a work in progress, for sure. I’ll be posting updates on new features as I get them implemented.

Have a suggestion? Is there something you’d like to see on that isn’t there? Post your comment below and let me know!

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