Adina Silberstein


Adina is the owner of Mt. Airy & Chestnut Hill-based professional pet sitting and dog walking company, Queenie’s Petsâ, LLC and is a Canine Massage Therapist. Through her company’s work, Adina is committed to holistic, positive reinforcement-based care and training for all household pets. Through years of study, Adina has become a canine nutrition advocate and enjoys educating her clients and communities about raw feeding as well as alternative, preventative healthcare for pets. Adina grew up in a household with dogs, cats, birds, fish, hermit crabs, hamsters and more, and the love of animals has always come first in her life. Adina lives in Mt. Airy and is mom to four rescues: Moxie (a yoga-loving tuxedo cat), Mouse (a feisty, Maine Coon cat), Governor Monkey (aka “The Sheriff,” a Border Collie-esque Mutt) and her newest addition, Melo Drama (a muppet-looking Rottweiler-Sheltie-esque Mutt).

Dog tilting head

Help! My Dog Has a Step-Parent!

I love my ex. I really do. Jordan and I aren’t in love anymore but we are still each other’s family. Though our break up wasn’t without paralyzing pain, the foundation of mutual love and respect still exists and we still share our greatest joys and sorrows with one another. And we share our dog. … Continue Reading

Adina and Governor Monkey

The Red Flag

The OKCupid notification came through telling me I had an email from Sam* while I was out on a date with Josh. Frankly, Josh wasn’t anything to write home about, so Sam’s email, telling me he lived just one neighborhood over from me and was available the very next night, seemed perfect. We met that … Continue Reading


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