Author: Adina Silberstein

What if I die before my pets do?

What if the dogs had been left to fend for themselves for days – no food, water, no meds? This happens to a lot of animals. What if no one wanted to take them? Do you send two senior, special needs, sometimes incontinent, yet extremely spry and happy dogs to a shelter?

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Help! My Dog Has a Step-Parent!

I love my ex. I really do. Jordan and I aren’t in love anymore but we are still each other’s family. Though our break up wasn’t without paralyzing pain, the foundation of mutual love and respect still exists and we still share our greatest joys and sorrows with one another. And we share our dog. You hear nightmare stories of doggie-parents breaking up and suing one another for custody.  Even worse – dogs being abandoned to shelters because no amicable agreement can be made with regard to their care.  I became so aware of the need for shared-custody arrangements...

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The Red Flag

The OKCupid notification came through telling me I had an email from Sam* while I was out on a date with Josh. Frankly, Josh wasn’t anything to write home about, so Sam’s email, telling me he lived just one neighborhood over from me and was available the very next night, seemed perfect. We met that Sunday, on what turned into an almost seven-hour date. Conversation flowed, flirting was mutual, and I could put a check mark next to nearly every box I have in my mind for what I want in a new partner. We talked about our professions...

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November 2017

November 21, 20176:45 pm - 8:00 pm
Queenie’s Pets
7174 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA
215-248-9999 Education

Looking for a Pet Loss Support Group to help ease your pain from losing a member of the family?

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