Dash has luxating patellas.  So does Finn.  Both have a little arthritis going on, too.  So I know I need to start giving them supplements – but there are so many different options out there, I just haven’t gotten around to really looking into which one would be best.

Ark Naturals Joint Rescue

yum yum yum

Enter Ark Naturals Sea “Mobility” Joint Rescue.  I’ve always loved Ark Naturals products – they were  “green” and “holistic” way before it was trendy and cool.  The company was created back in 1996 by a couple named Susan and Jay after their pup Jordan succumbed to cancer.  They were actually already involved in the natural product business for humans,  and Jordan’s death opened their eyes to the benefits of natural pet health products.

Joint Rescue treats are made of ingredients that can increase your dog’s flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and joint comfort.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Active Ingredients:  Glucosamine (99.9% pure) (shellfish), Chondrotin (99.9% pure) (shellfish), Sea cucumber (farm raised), MSM (99.9% pure).
  • Inactive Ingredients:  Meat (available in Beef, Chicken, Venison, or Lamb), Cultured whey, Evening primrose oil (omega-6), Fish oil (omega-3), Gelatin, Glycerin, Maple syrup, Mixed tocopherols, Natural smoke flavor, Rice flour, Salt, Tapioca Starch.
Well, the ingredients certainly look good – but would Finn eat it?  Ark Naturals sent me a free bag of the venison treats.  Finn pretty much eats anything, so I don’t know if he has the most discerning palate, but when he started chomping on his Joint Rescue treat his tail started wagging.  And continued to wag.  The entire time he was eating.
I’d say that it’s a hit.  I think I’ve found our supplement!
You can buy Ark Naturals Joint Rescue at most pet supply stores, or you can order it online.  Better yet – you can enter to win a bag of Joint Rescue!   Just enter through the Rafflecopter form by February 19th at noon.  You can earn extra entries to increase your chances of winning, too.

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