Have you ever looked for animal communicators? Well, I finally broke down and spoke to an animal communicator about Dash. I won a free session with animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick (pictured belwo) while I was at the BlogPaws expo. Sonya Fitzpatrick is a widely recognized and is apparently highly respected. I have to admit I’m highly skeptical of psychics. But I was secretly looking forward to what she would say.

What are “Animal Communicators”?

Animal communicators, or a “pet psychics,” are people who claim that they can communicate psychically with animals. Some say that they can talk to animals who have died. Others focus solely on animals that are still alive. Some animal communicators say that they don’t even need to be physically close to the animal to communicate. They claim they use “extrasensory perception” to talk to the animal. It all sounds like a big scam to me. I might be more inclined to give credit to an animal communicator who needs to have the animal physically present than one who can do a reading over the phone.

Session with Sonya Fitzpatrick

animal communicator sonya fitzpatrickI plopped myself down on the sofa across from Ms. Fitzpatrick (pictured above) and showed her a picture of Dash. I told her that I wanted to discuss my dog, Dash. She replied, “That’s fine but what I’m hearing is that you have a black cat.” Which stopped me in my tracks.

I do have a black cat, named Mabel. Mabel found me about 2 years ago on the streets of Northern Liberties. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned her on the blog. In fact, I rarely talk about her. How could Ms. Fitzpatrick know about Mabel? She explained that Dash doesn’t like the black cat because she is “bossy.” Mabel is actually the only cat he hasn’t gotten along with . . . . and they fight quite a bit. “Lucky guess,” I thought. Or was it?

Sonya and Dash

Ms. Fitzpatrick sensed some interesting things:

  1. Dash and I currently live apart. Dash currently lives with my parents because of his separation anxiety. I have written about Dash’s anxiety several times, so I didn’t give it much credence.
  2. Dash “loves my father” because he gives him tidbits of food. I’ve caught my dad giving Dash food. (which he does, I’ve caught him).
  3. Dash really likes his new food placemat because it had his name and pictures on bones on it. I hate to admit it, but I had just received a new placemat with his name on it. The placemat was in the shape of a bone. But, again, this was a product review that is on the site.
  4. While he loves my parents, he wants me to visit more often.
  5. Dash is often anxious and hates being left alone. I write about Dash’s separation anxiety all of the time. This isn’t news. So, I asked how I could soothe him to make him feel better. “It was just his nature to be anxious,” she said. She “relayed” to Dash that I had to leave to go to work but that I would always return. She reassured me that his anxiety was just part of his personality and that he was very bonded to me. Sonya remarked that Dash was quite and almost “bossy” in his communications. That’s my little guy!

Finally, Sonya asked about “the large tabby cat that had passed on.” I had a large Maine Coon tabby cat named Sophie. I had put Sophie down after she ingested melamine tainted Iams cat food. This is on the website but would require a little digging. So, I don’t give it much credit.

Would I do it again?

All in all, I have mixed feelings about going to an animal communicator. On one hand, it was sort of fun. Hoax or no hoax, I felt a little reassured about Dash’s issues. Interestingly, when I asked her for her card she explained that she didn’t carry one because her phone would “ring off the hook.” I thought it was odd that she wasn’t grabbing the chance to potentially make money . . . but it made her seem a little more credible. Would I pay for a session with an animal communicator? I doubt it. But it was neat to experience.

Have you ever used animal communicators? What do you think about it? Scam or the Real Deal? Scroll all the way down to leave a comment.

(photo via SonyaFitzpatrick.com)

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