Over the last week,  900 animals have been taken in by ACCT.  900.

So far, 133 have been adopted adopted and 268 were transferred to other rescues.  86 are being fostered and 95 are currently up for adoption.

But 318 had to be euthanized.  318.

ACCT is in desperate need of foster and forever homes.  If there ever was a time to step up and give back, this is it.  Please, please, consider fostering a dog or a cat.  Any person who takes in a foster, whether dog or cat, who wants help from ThePhillyDog.com in getting that pet adopted has it.  Simply email us at info@thephillydog.com and tell us you are fostering and need help in promotion. While we can’t guarantee we’ll be the ones who find your foster a new home, we’ll do our damned best.

finn foster dogEvery excuse that has ever prevented you from fostering in the past needs to be put aside.  Afraid you’ll get attached?  Too bad.  An animal’s life depends on this.  Take a deep breath, head over to ACCT and do the right thing.  Even better – due to the crisis, ALL ADOPTION FEES ARE WAIVED THROUGH SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2013.

Already have too many animals?  If you have a bathroom, you can foster a kitten.  Kittens are easy to get adopted.  Are your pets unfriendly?  There are other ways to help – spread the word.  Tell every friend and relative about this crisis.  Drop off some food and supply donations to ACCT for the people who will be taking in a foster.  Offer to transport or to release a feral cat back into nature.

If you decide to help, please just head over to ACCT – click for directions to ACCT.  They are inundated with phone calls right now, so it is best just to go there.  PLEASE  read up on what you need to bring to be a foster parent or to adopt.  Make sure you have your driver’s license or valid ID, if you rent a copy of your lease saying you can have pets (or ask your landlord and tell him/her to be prepared for a call to verify).  If you have other dogs, you must bring them to meet a potential adoption/foster.  If you have children, you must bring them as well.

Please, save a life.  Give a shelter animal some hope.