My name is Rebecca and I was inspired to create after becoming frustrated by the lack of a centralized resource for dog owners in the Philadelphia area.  I became the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier named Dash, who suffers from severe separation anxiety.  After trying every training tip and recommendation, I tried to find out where I could take Dash with me so that I could lessen the amount of time that I had to leave him alone.  I found that Philadelphia was dog friendly!  
I also was frustrated at the lack of support that our local shelters and charities were receiving at their fundraising events. My dog owner friends weren’t hearing about these events — if they had known about them, they would have gone.  
When it came to dog owners and the dog service provider community, there was a huge disconnect.  It occurred to me one day that Philadelphia needed a website that people could visit to find out where they could take their dog, what to do with their dog on the weekend, where the dog parks were, what fundraising events were going on…just a “one-stop-shop” kind of place to get information.  And so, was born!